Every new domestic building in the United Kingdom requires a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). As per the government regulations, EPC assessment is also necessary before renting or selling the property. In order to conduct this assessment, you may have to call a Domestic On Construction Energy Assessor for a Domestic on Construction Energy Assessment who has enough knowledge and skills to do adequate energy calculations for the premises. These professionals are already aware of the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) software and can produce the most accurate results for your building’s EPC.

As the government has promised the development of a large amount of modern new homes, the real estate market in the UK is experiencing sustainable growth. In this scenario, the demands for domestic building energy assessment are also increasing. Therefore, the property owners are advised to make a timely appointment for the EPC assessment.

The regulations for energy performance certifications were updated in the year 2008 and as per the updated protocols, it is necessary to perform this assessment soon after completion of the construction. The EPC is one of the most important documents which is produced using SAP software and it helps to decide whether a respective building meets the compliance with building regulations Part L.

The valid EPC can be produced only by an accredited On Construction Domestic Energy Assessor. These trained professionals are well aware of adequate procedures that are required for checking the estimated energy consumption of the buildings.

The SAP calculations are an essential requirement for many extension and conversion schemes as well. When you hire SAP assessors for this job, they will visit the building premises while gathering details about energy performance. The SAP assessors also take care of the entire building process and they provide support for establishing a reliable design right at the early stage of the development. These professionals also provide necessary documentation and reports that can be sent to the building control officers from time to time. Some of the most important documents in the list include Energy Performance Certificate, On Construction Report, and Predicted Energy Assessment for the construction.

It is important to mention that On Construction Domestic Energy Assessors assess new building plans as well as the undergoing major renovations. They also keep an eye on the extensions that may require approval from building control departments. These professionals are trained to handle all building energy-related issues and have extensive knowledge about house-building technologies and design types. During the comprehensive training, they also learn to execute an internal as well as an external assessment of the buildings.

If you are also renovating your existing home or are planning to build a new one, it is better to hire SAP and an EPC provider in Surrey. These professionals can guide you better to handle domestic EPC requirements. Moreover, they can also give the best suggestions regarding how to improve the overall energy efficiency of the building with ease. You can contact professionals at The Property Assessment Company to analyse the building plans in advance to do a prior evaluation of energy consumption.

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