F and G rated EPC’s need to have an EPC rating of E or better

It’s now widely known that by the 1st April 2018 a property being Let or having the Tenancy renewed needs an EPC rating of E or above. This is to complete with the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) This has caused lots of headaches for Landlords and letting agents who just want to get the property let quickly but did you know that your F and G rated EPC’s might not be F and G at all?

The calculations used to create the banding on an EPC is constantly being tested and modified, there have been some changes in recent years which mean a renewed EPC could mean an EPC rating of E or better without the need for any further work.

EPC rating of E

Below are two EPC’s, these are for the same house but one was done in July 2013 and the other was done in March 2018. No significant changes were made to the property except for a few additional low energy light fittings but the results are completely different.

EPC rating of E
F rated EPC
EPC rating of E
E rated EPC


The Landlord of the property had been quoted £1,700. in improvement works to get an EPC of E, The Property Assessment Company reviewed the existing EPC and recommended that a new assessment should be done, which on its own, ensured that the EPC rating was a band E.



If you would like any of your EPC’s reviewed, get in touch with The Property Assessment Company  today by clicking the link below.

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