You might be already aware of the widely famous energy efficiency improvements, such as investing in windows and energy star appliances. But most people are not aware of some modern age renovation solutions that can make a considerable difference in your monthly energy bills.

Those who are interested to improve the overall home efficiency rating are advised to go through the article below. Here we have listed some of the best techniques to help you boost the energy efficiency of your residential or commercial space:

Advanced framing

Advanced house framing is a new technique that is widely recognized as optimum value engineering. This specific framing method allows building construction with lesser waste and lumber. The great news is that this framing technique can save energy with the use of more insulation and less wood. If we look at the stats presented by the Department of Energy in the United Kingdom, advanced framing can reduce heating and cooling costs by almost 5% per year.

Cool roofs

Cool roofs are capable enough to lower roofing temperatures while reflecting sunlight. They are designed using reflective material for all roofing materials such as paint, shingles, tiles, and many other substances. Such energy-saving methods can help you create naturally comfortable and cool climates indoors while eliminating the extensive cost of an air conditioning system during the summer months.

Exterior doors and windows

It is important to be more careful while making a decision about the exterior door for your home. Prefer to ask professionals about the energy performance rating of the door before making the final installation decision. The most efficient doors may help to trap air inside while creating a comfortable environment during both the summer and winter seasons. At the same time, you can think of installing energy-efficient windows that can reduce monthly utility bills by a considerable level.

Exterior insulation and paint

The colour of the home leaves a great impact on the heat inside. Therefore, property owners need to make a careful decision about paint selection. It is important to mention that light exteriors can keep your home cooler and darker paint can maintain warmth inside. Therefore, this selection must be done based on the atmospheric conditions of your location. At the same time, it is important to pay attention to the right kind of insulation that can help you reduce unnecessary heating costs.

Floor coverings

Another important aspect that demands your attention while renovating a home to achieve energy efficiency is floor coverings. EPC providers advise using carpets to trap heat so that your living space can stay warm during the winter months. Rugs are another important solution to enhance warmth inside. Floor coverings offer the most inexpensive solution to enhance the energy efficiency of homes. You can go ahead with some sustainable flooring ideas such as bamboo to enhance beauty and energy efficiency at the same time.

Now you have obtained enough details about top-rated tricks and techniques to improve the energy efficiency of your house. It is the right time to contact professionals at The Property Assessment Company to obtain an energy performance certificate for your property.

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